Tips to help you get or to keep an erection March 29 2016

What can you do to avoid erection problems?

Besides stimulating and maintaining an erection with a little help from erection pills, there are some simple steps you can take that might help achieving and keeping that erection by yourself!

Improve your diet

An erection is the result of more blood flowing in your penis and at the same time, veins close up. So, the blood is trapped in the penis, it expands and holds the erection. But, when there is a problem with your veins, it’s possible that you won’t be able to get an erection. Narrowed bloodvessels can be the problem of the erectile dysfunction.  Foods that may be damaging for the heart, the blood flow (therewith the blood flow to the penis) can be of great influence on the erection problem.

Keep the weight off

Besides the health issues as above that some foods can cause, they also cause overweight. Fat, fried, ready and take away meals contribute clogged arteries. So keep track of what you eat while working on that sexlife!

Stick to a few beers

Nothing new under the sun; alcohol is bad news for your erection. However it may feel like you’re really into it, a hard-on is probably not going to happen. Overuse of alcohol decreases testosterone levels, resulting in the lack of an erection or the climax.

Move that body!

More and more research shows that exercise is good for your libido. There are some simple and sometimes logical reasons for that. For starters, when you exercise, your self-esteem rises, you might lose some weight, you feel better about yourself, and all that has a positive effect on your sex drive! Also, exercise improves blood circulation, including the erogenous zones ofcourse... There's more, exercise causes the increase of testosterone! Let it just be the most important hormone.. So, to the gym then!

No stress!

And finally, try to reduce your stress level. This is of course easier said than done, but stress doesn’t really helps you with getting that erection. It increases the level of adrenaline and this causes contraction of the blood vessels. Of course there are many causes of psychological stress, try to find out what's really going on and talk about with your partner.

Erectile Dysfunction Pills to boost your sexdrive March 16 2016

Synthetic medication vs. natural supplements to boost your sexdrive

Most men are known with or aware of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra etc. And we are all very well aware of all negative side effects of these drugs, the reason why they can’t be bought over the counter at your local pharmacy!

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a medical condition in which men consistently have problems either achieving or maintaining erections. Synthetic drugs as Viagra, work by relaxing tight blood vessels, allowing more blood to surge into the penis and cause an erection. Relaxing these tight blood vessels also has it’s negative side effects like headaches, dizziness and fainting. That’s just not all, you can get blurred vision, difficulty with breathing and so on.

It doesn’t have to be that harsh! There are plenty Erectile Dysfunction drugs for sale based on natural ingredients, with no side effects at all. Libidoforte for example, is a 100% natural food supplement which may lead to much more and longer fun between the sheets. It is based on knowledge of the old traditional Chinese herbal doctors of centuries ago. Or Prelox, our long term treatment for erectile dysfunctioning. Containing L -Arginine, which is an amino acid (a protein building block). In your body, it turns into nitric oxide in the body. Men who took 5 milligrams of it per day for 6 weeks had improved erections.

All of our libido increasing pills are intended for people who, for whatever reason, are suffering from decreased sexual performance. This includes stress and fatigue.

Would you like to add an additional dimension to your sex life and have more fun in bed, without side effects? Just check out our complete product range!


ErectionPills for Dummies July 07 2014

I’m late 40’s and my husband just turned 50. Due to medical problems he wasn’t able to have sexual intercourse for a while. Now that he is cured we like to try it again. However, all this is more difficult than imagined. 

This is a common situation, as you get older your libido level will drop significantly. In order to have a great and healthy sexual relation I will give you a brief guide: “Erection pills for dummies.” 

Erection Pills have helped a lot couples in the past. First of all, it is good to know that their isn’t a panacea that instantly will give you an erection. Before your start the use of these kind of pills it is good to know gown an erection and how erection pills work. 

What do erection pills do?
An erection is a large amount of blood in the penis. When a man becomes sufficiently aroused much blood will flow to his penis. If it remains there and is sufficient it will lead to an erection. This process can be encouraged by the use of special pills, the so called erection pills. 

How does an erection work?
Actually there are two important criteria for a good erection. The first an most important, get sufficiently aroused / excited and ensure that there is adequate blood flow to the penis. So if your husband isn’t feeling aroused / excited or you are not acting like having sex, he probably will not have an erection. It is therefore essential that you carry out actions which he (and you) gets excited.

Many people forget that it is highly important to talk about this topic. Besides the talking it is highly important to make appointments. The pills may work for a certain period, so it is important that you make some kind of planning / schedule. You should know and be able to estimate when you and your partner are likely to having sex, otherwise the use of pills doesn’t make any sense. 

When you start using erection pills it is important that you get in the mood. It has been said before, but with the absence of the sexual mood, there will not be an erection. Ensure a sufficient blood flow to the penis and make clear agreements with your partner about these pills. If you keep these three things in mind, then it is a guaranteed succes. 

Size does matter March 29 2014

Recent research has just shown again that the size of the penis does matter. However, this is not the way it is expected in general. Dr. Christopher Morriss-Robers (University of Brighton) suggests that the size of the penis in locker room plays a major role in both straight and gay-sexual men.

His research shows that men in the sports locker rooms have a strong tendency to look at each other’s penis and compare them. His research shows that men with a larger penis are more valued within a group and therefore are more likely to be chosen to be the leader of the group or the captain. 

Dr. Christopjer Morris Roberts concludes: "My research shows that the size of the penis matters in sport, regardless of sexual orientation, age or branch of Sports."

5 tips for beter sex December 23 2013

Erection pills could be of help during a relationship. However, there are plenty of simple tips and tricks that could also make a big difference. Below we have listed some tips and tricks that may help you and your partner during sex. No fifty shades of grey, but five tips for better sex. 

1. Listening to each other

IIn many relationships, talking about sex is a taboo. However, listening and talking are vital in any relationship. Listen sincerely to your partner and feel free to talk about sex. Expressing each other's feelings can perform miracles.

2. Give compliments

Receiving compliments, we all want them! This makes you feel more confident. Therefore, giving compliments like, 'I want you, Now!' will boost your partner’s confidence. If you experience difficulty giving comments like these, then a glass wine or beer might help. 


3. Sensual Massage

A massage is always a good starting point for an intense night. A sensual massage is very arousing while also relaxing at the same time. It is important to have the perfect ambience when giving a massage. So, find suitable music and dim the lights. Candles will work perfectly. Another good trick is to tune in to each other's breathing rhythm.

4. Sensual Strokes

Stroking could be very exciting, but you must first explore her or his most sensual spots. These spots vary per person, so go hunting for these spots. While stroking vary between using your fingers and tongue and don't just focus on one part of the body. This will increase the sensitivity.

5. Quicky

Just do it! Wherever and whenever you like. Forget all the other steps and go directly to a short and intense lovemaking.


Did you know... November 13 2013

Most men see him every single day... but did you know...

1. A penis started as a clitoris?

In the warm and familiar environment of the womb, at we were all equal and have been a clitoris. In the course of time, with boys, that develops in a penis.

2. Unborn babies may already have an erection.

3. The precursors of Viagra were crushed animal testicles.

Before the advent of Viagra, there were many rumours about erectile stimulants. Mostly, crushed animal’s testicles were extremely popular, particularly those of monkeys.


4. Men with large testicles are less loyal to women than men with small testicles. (At least an American study has shown).

5. Semen contains zero to little calories.

6. Also a penis can break. Not only during rough sex, but also falling out of bed with an erection could cause a penis to fracture.

7. The thickest penis ever measured has a circumference of 34.39 cm.

    Orgasm better than solving a crossword puzzle October 06 2013

    According to Professor Barry Komisaruk (Rutgers University, Newark, USA) having an orgasm is better than solving a crossword puzzle. He discovered that this kind of sexual activity is a good workout for the entire brain. A crossword puzzle only stimulates one part of the brain, whereas sexual activity stimulates the entire brain.

    Orgasm and Erection Pills

    An orgasm might have several other “side effects.” The sexual climax can alleviate the pain. For instance, during pregnancy it might give women some relief to all the suffered pain. In addition to pregnancy, depression, anxiety and addictions can be treated with orgasms.

    During an orgasm the blood flow to the brain increases heavily. Due to this increase, the brain receives more nutrients and oxygen. “There could be nothing wrong with that” says Professor Komisaruk in the Times.

    The professor reached this conclusion by studying the blood flow of women during an orgasm while they were lying in a functional MRI scan.

    One-third of the relationships plans their sex October 06 2013

    A recent survey by the Dutch magazine Kek Mama revealed that one third of those in a relationship plan sex. For this group, there is almost no room for a spontaneous quicky, because young mothers are too busy.

    The study group consisted of 1500 mothers aged between 20 and 45. The same survey revealed that on average young couples have four fights a month and three percent have a fight every single day.

    In Love

    About 20 percent of the mothers questioned indicated that they have fallen in love with somebody else once. However, two thirds of the amorous mothers did not tell their partner. now online September 26 2013

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