July 07 2014

I’m late 40’s and my husband just turned 50. Due to medical problems he wasn’t able to have sexual intercourse for a while. Now that he is cured we like to try it again. However, all this is more difficult than imagined. 

This is a common situation, as you get older your libido level will drop significantly. In order to have a great and healthy sexual relation I will give you a brief guide: “Erection pills for dummies.” 

Erection Pills have helped a lot couples in the past. First of all, it is good to know that their isn’t a panacea that instantly will give you an erection. Before your start the use of these kind of pills it is good to know gown an erection and how erection pills work. 

What do erection pills do?
An erection is a large amount of blood in the penis. When a man becomes sufficiently aroused much blood will flow to his penis. If it remains there and is sufficient it will lead to an erection. This process can be encouraged by the use of special pills, the so called erection pills. 

How does an erection work?
Actually there are two important criteria for a good erection. The first an most important, get sufficiently aroused / excited and ensure that there is adequate blood flow to the penis. So if your husband isn’t feeling aroused / excited or you are not acting like having sex, he probably will not have an erection. It is therefore essential that you carry out actions which he (and you) gets excited.

Many people forget that it is highly important to talk about this topic. Besides the talking it is highly important to make appointments. The pills may work for a certain period, so it is important that you make some kind of planning / schedule. You should know and be able to estimate when you and your partner are likely to having sex, otherwise the use of pills doesn’t make any sense. 

When you start using erection pills it is important that you get in the mood. It has been said before, but with the absence of the sexual mood, there will not be an erection. Ensure a sufficient blood flow to the penis and make clear agreements with your partner about these pills. If you keep these three things in mind, then it is a guaranteed succes.