Libido Forte 2 pills


Contains 2 pills per package

Is Libido Forte really that effective?

Libido Forte is one of the most powerful over the counter erection pills. Thousands of users have been using Libido Forte satisfactorily for years. The brand Libido forte is successful throughout Europe. Through all the years we have been active in the natural erection pills market we have hardly received any negative feedback on the product. We offer two package types; a 2 capsule package to trial the brand and a 5 capsules package for users familiar with Libido Forte. Check out our offers on this brand: purchase more packages at once and enjoy a quantity discount of up to 25%.

Libido Forte has long been used in Asia to help men get an erection. A man will develop more lust when he is stimulated. This is product is completely composed of natural ingredients.


Is Libido Forte really that effective?

We have been an active player in the natural erection pills market for years. Our customers provide us with feedback and comments daily. The feedback and comments on Libido Forte are in the main extremely positive. Naturally, the effect is different for each person, but in our opinion Libido Forte is the most effective erection pill we sell. Thanks to this potency enhancer your sex enjoyment will last longer.

Where does Libido Forte come from?

Libido forte was used in ancient China. A product with similar ingredients was used by emperors and respected people a thousand years ago. This group needed an extra boost because (even then) love making was an important activity. Those who could keep it up in bed and last longer simply got more respect. It was not in pill form then but taken as a tea with stimulating plants and herbs. If you drank this tea over a long period you could benefit from the stimulating effects. The complex mix of spices and ingredients have been converted into capsule form. Thus, the basis of Libido Forte can be traced back to ancient times.

Effects of Libido Forte

Enables you to retain a harder and firmer erection.
Improves circulation and blood flow to the penis.
This helps you recover faster after an orgasm.
Libido forte provides an overall boost in your sex life.

How do I take Libido Forte?

We recommend taking a capsule 1 to 2 hours before the sex.
Effect could be delayed if taken after a big meal.
Store Libido forte in a dry place at room temperature.
Do not take more than one capsule per 24 hours.
Always read the instructions before use.

Libido Forte contains the following ingredients:

  • Microcrystalline Cellulosel 190 mg
  • Cynomorium Songaricum 114 mg
  • Epimedium Brevicornum 30 mg
  • Atractylodes Macrophalia 24 mg
  • Rhemania Glutinosa 24 mg
  • Cinnamomum Cassia 21 mg
  • Panax Ginseng 21 mg
  • Polygonati Odoratum 18 mg
  • Polygonum Multiflorum 18 mg
  • Shisandra Chinensis 15 mg
  • Scophularia Ningpoensis 15 mg
  • Magnesium Stearate 10mg


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